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Slings Masterclass

November 15, 2019

Join me at Studio Kooks (The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, London) for a 90minute Slings Masterclass at 2:30pm.

Slings Myofascial Training is a contemporary, multidimensional and research-informed training approach. It implements fascia-focussed, body-minded movement training on the mat.


In this class the focus lies on the health-enhancing qualities of fascia which contribute to the balance of your posture, movement efficiency and your vitality. The contrasting movement sequences contain dynamic and rhythmical, as well as soft and melting exercises. This integral mat-based class is enhanced with the use of soft massage balls.


The method is based on new findings in fascia research and movement science. Furthermore, Slings implies the Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept which portays the body-wide interconnectedness of muscles and fascia in myo-fascial slings (short “Slings”). 


Principles and exercises are compatible with a broad variety of movement modalities, including Pilates and Yoga.


The sense of well-being and freedom after a Slings class is priceless! 

Pilates and Wellbeing Retreat - Cape Town (South Africa)

February 16, 2020



Our 3rd Babylonstoren retreat is now open for booking - the dates are 16-21 February 2020.


Move and be moved by the beautiful surroundings of the famous Franschoek region. Your retreat experience will include 3-4 hours of daily Pilates, movement and meditation classes, fascinating workshops and so much more. 


Our retreats are typically small, less than 12 people. We believe in quality over quantity and want everyone to have a personal and unique experience. 

For more info, read the leaflet.

Email to book by clicking on the button below.

Concious Movement Conference - Cape Town

February 23, 2020

The Concious Movement Conference takes place in Cape Town from 21-23 February 2020. 

I'm teaching alongside a fabulous international line-up that include Anula Maiburg, Renee Watson and Louise Knoop O'Neill amongst others. 

Join me on Sunday 23rd February at 9am for Slings in Motion: Vitality with Fascial Movement masterclass.

Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI)

July 15, 2020

DATES FOR 2020 TO BE CONFIRMED (June/July 2020)

The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop is a four-day immersion course in anatomy and injuries for movement professionals. It is hosted annually by Kinected at the Icahn School of Medicine, Mt Sinai, New York.  The course brings the best of medical education to the movement world, including Gross Anatomy labs and physician-led lectures. Gain hands-on experience with cadaver prosections – see the spinal cord, touch the inside of a shoulder joint, feel a knee replacement, understand the pelvic floor – and get your questions answered by top anatomists and physicians.

The FAMI Workshop is designed to help you master the human body so you can better help your clients. 

In 2019 I hosted our first Pilates pilgrimage to New York to coincide with FAMI, in addition to attending FAMI our small group had Pilates classes and workshops with the best studios and teachers and had a great time. It was so successful we've decided to go back in 2020 and will follow a similar format.  


Dates are likely to be announced around the first week of December 2019. Register your interest now and be the first to know when booking opens. 

Mindfulness workshops

I offer group and co-meditation workshops on request, please email me for details.

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