Classes and Pilates Personal Training sessions are streamed live via Zoom.

To join the class, please pay via paypal and send me an email at (Electronic Funds Transfer details are available upon request). Following this I will send you an unique link to join the class on zoom. 

If it's your first class and you are using a mobile device or tablet you will be prompted to download the zoom application.


For classes hosted by other studios (names indicated below) please contact the studio to sign up to their online booking system.

Classes titled Pilates are suitable to everybody. I will give various options for different abilities, listen to your body and modify anything as necessary to accommodate injuries/conditions you’re working with. I recommend having at least 1 private consultation before joining a class if you are working with injuries or health conditions.


The Slings in Motion classes are not suitable if you are Pregnant, have any injuries or health conditions that impact on movement.

What do you need? Mobile device with you can see and hear me. Pilates/Yoga Mat or towel to practice on, positioned away from the device you are using so I can see you exercise and guide corrections. Cushion/folded towel to use as head support when lying down.

Mixed Ability Matwork Pilates

via Pilates Body Studio

Pilates 1:30pm

Matwork Pilates aimed at seniors

£10 via Paypal

Over 60 Pilates - 9:30am

Matwork Pilates 

£10 via Paypal

Pilates 9am

FULLY BOOKED -waitlist only

Over 60 Pilates - 9:30am

Slings in Motion matwork

Small soft massage balls required 

£15 via Paypal

Slings in Motion 6:30pm

FULLY BOOKED - waitlist only

Over 60 Pilates - 10:30am

Slings in Motion matwork

Small soft massage balls required 

£15 via Paypal

Slings in Motion 2pm

Online Pilates PT  session

Special offer: £50 One off,

£450 for a block of 10

Pilates Personal Training

Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates and Slings fusion class. 

Via Pilates Body Studio

Yogalates 8pm

Exclusive to Bank of England staff

Pilates 5:30pm

Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates and Slings fusion class. 

£10 via Paypal

Yogalates 5:30pm


5 sessions £45, 10 sessions £80

Slings in Motion

 5 session £70, 10 session £130

Discounted multi session pack

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