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Anneke at Everest Base Camp
Sideplank on a mountain in Norway
Everest base camp trek
Plank Rocky Mountains Canada
Summit in Canada
Kilimanjaro summit
Canadian chairs with a view
Mount Toubkal summit

A few things mountains taught me

By just putting one foot in front of the other, keep going and you will travel further and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. 

To enjoy the journey, train and prepare yourself as best you can, physically and mentally. 


You go up and you go down, sometimes even within one hour, it’s part of the journey. 

Stillness and presence can bring great clarity.

There may be an unexpected obstacle along the way but there will be ways through or around, just stay calm, be patient and keep moving. 

There are many peaks to climb, each with it’s own challenges and lessons and above all the view from the top is different every time. Don’t stop at the first peak!

Mountains make weather, the landscape can change dramatically from one hour to the next. The mountain remains still through all this, unmoved by the changing weather, a calmness that endures all change. 

When you hit an incline or challenging spot - breathe - in and out - it grounds you, it calms your mind, it helps you to move right up it, or through it!

Go at your own pace, never compare yourself to others. You'll enjoy the hike and scenery so much better if you embrace your own pace.

Pack light - When you carry your whole world upon your shoulders, every gram counts.

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