What can we do?

Looking after your physical and mental health is more important than ever. Coping during this stressful time can be challenging. Here are some practical tips:


Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Boost your immune system. Reduce your intake of sugar as this can cause inflammation.

Keep moving

Whether it is a walk, a run, a gentle Pilates or Yoga session, stretching out when you get up. Movement has the ability to heal, it keeps the living environment of your cells healthy, it  makes you feel good. Just keep moving.  

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Movement will help your body absorb water better. 


Have a schedule of stuff to do, do it even if you don't feel like it. Having a sense of purpose is one of the most valuable things in life. Get up, wash your face, get out of your pyjamas.


Personal hygiene and cleanliness have never been more important. Even if it's just you at home.


If others are sharing your space or several of you are working from home, define clear boundaries. When and where you work, when you take breaks, what you communicate about.


We need to be informed about what's going on but talking about COVID19 24/7 is not going to do anyone any favours. You don't need to read every COVID19 email or social media post, you don't need to watch every news bulletin or talk show about it either. This can fuel anxiety.  


Talk with your loved ones, your friends, your extended family, that extrovert in the office who might really struggle with isolation. Create a community. Observe your language - is it helpful? Is it possible to use a more positive word? Is it kind? 

Feeling overwhelmed yourself? This is a completely natural response to what is happening. Please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to someone if feelings of anxiety or depression become overwhelming. 


Whether you sit and meditate, meditate through mindful movement, walk or eat mindfully,   simply focussing on your breath for just 1 minute, this will make a huge impact on your mental health.

Why meditate

''You are not are experiencing stress. 

You are not are experiencing anxiety.

You are not are experiencing fear.

You can regocnise the fact that you are not your emotions and simply accept the experience of that emotions and move right through it.'' Mike Basevic

Meditation gently invites you to note sensation and emotion. To recognise them for what they are, just thoughts, emotions and feelings. Meditation can help you to change your relationship with feelings. This empowers you to move through difficult situations.

In the same way we can train and exercise the body to make muscles stronger we can train and develop the mind. Training the mind with meditation can make the area of the brain associated with happiness and wellbeing stronger. 

Benefits of meditation


Induce deep relaxation throughout the body and mind

Reduce stress

Overcome insomnia

Improve relationships

 Can assist in resolving trauma

Overcome anxiety, fear, anger and depression

Mindful movement


Slings Myofascial Training classes offer not only a great flowing movement experience but you are invited to really tap into what you feel and sense and you learn to interpret these feelings. Both the Slings Myofascial Training and Yogalates sessions conclude with a guided meditation. I offer private and group classes


Guided  meditation

 I offer guided meditation private sessions where we follow a script that has body sensing, breath and awareness at the heart of the practise. You will be invited to be with what you are experiencing, to observe, feel and sense things as they are for you. It is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience based on the teachings of Richard Miller and the iRest® 10 step protocol I have trained in. 

Prefer to try meditation on your own first? I recommend the Headspace app.