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Wunda Chair Step up exercise

Anneke Krüger

 I am the founder and owner of Movement Intellect Ltd.

An educator for Anatomy Trains® (US) and the art of motion academy® (Swiss). I am a Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner,  Pilates and Yoga Teacher. I specialises in injury prevention and rehabilitation and teach online and from my studio in Bloubergstrand.

At heart I am a movement teacher and adventure seeker. I love to move, discover and explore (key words for the classes I teach too!). I am passionate about travelling, walks in nature and hiking up mountains.


When it comes to lower back pain its's very personal. I suffered with severe back pain in my early 30's and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Through movement, good nutrition and a more balanced lifestyle my pain eventually disappeared. I am an advocate for the power of movement to heal. 


I have a fascination for anatomy and how the human body works, how wellbeing of the body affect the mind and vice versa. Attending the Anatomy Trains in Motion course offered the first of many ‘a-ha’ moments. The interconnectedness of not only the body but also mind and soul was given scientific and experienced based evidence. I completed the 440 hour diploma certification series to become a Slings Myofascial Training® Practioner. As an Educator for Anatomy Trains my curiosity about the subject continues to grow.


I draw experience from a variety of different movement modalities. My teachings are influenced by courses I've attended with Karin Gurtner, Cara Reeser, Rebekah Rotstein, Sue Hitzmann, David Swenson and James d'Silva to name a few. 

 My passion for hiking, altitude mountain hiking specifically, has taught me a few valuable lessons. Mountains appear still and strong and can look intimidating from the bottom but they are a wise old teacher.


The most important lesson is relevant to movement and meditation - you can move through almost anything. No matter how impossible it appears, with small steps, deep breath, a calm mind and an open heart the view from the top is yours to behold.



I have practised Pilates and Yoga since 2004. Ongoing professional development is extremely important to me and I continue to attend courses and workshops around the world. 

Some of my qualifications:

* FAMI (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries) is a 4 day workshop for movement therapists held annually at Mt Sinai, New York.


My article about Pilates in a rehabilitation environment was published in the Pilates Style magazine in 2019. 

Where in the world


I was born and raised in South Africa, then lived in London for 21 years and am currently splitting my time between London and Cape Town. 


I currently teach mainly live online classes and online personal training session.

When in London I teach at Pure Sports Medicine Clinic in Canary Wharf. We focus on Pilates for pre- and rehabilitation and I work closely with medical professionals to facilitate the best possible outcome for our clients. I have a variety of corporate Pilates clients, including the Bank of England.  


When in Cape Town I teach from a boutique studio in Bloubergstrand, I also offer wellness mini breaks in Cape Town. 

I present workshops and masterclasses around the world and recently presented alongside Anula Maiburg at the Conscious Movement Conference in Cape Town. 

My annual wellbeing retreats, which in the past included Cape Town, New York and destinations in Europe, are frequently sold out. 

Training courses and workshops
Some of the inspirational organisations I've trained with.
Body Control Pilates
Lisa B Pilates
Michael King Pilates
Prime Movement
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