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What is Slings?

“Intelligent exercise is a commitment to wholeness, enhancing and enjoying our full humanity while we can.” Damon Young

Slings, chosen for the resilient quality of a sling, refers to internal connections of muscles and fascia.  


Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that connects everything with everything in our bodies.  


Instead of thinking of individual muscles, visualise long fascial continuities (slings) that connect several muscles in series. In his book, Anatomy Trains, a body map for movement teachers and manual therapists, Thomas Myers calls it myofascial meridians. These 'slings' connects the body, balances posture, modulates movement, and influences our perception. 

Slings Myofascial Training, or Slings in Motion, is a fascia-focussed body-minded movement concept. This mat-based training can be enhanced and adapted with massage balls or other small supportive props. 

The concept was developed by Karin Gurtner co-founder of the art of motion Academy. It is based on the latest findings in research supporting the body-wide interconnectedness of muscles and fascia.

During a Slings practice we utilise the Anatomy Trains body map to enhance structural integrity and movement functionality. 

All my classes are infused with Slings work. I also offer Slings in Motion specific classes to teachers and experienced Yoga and Pilates practitioners.

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