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Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, once said - ''In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a new body'' 

Pilates is a total mind and body workout. It improves the way you move and helps you feel stronger. 


Pilates targets the deep (postural) muscles. It therefore strengthens the body from the inside out.

Benefits of regular Pilates:

  • Improves posture 

  • Improve body tone and shape

  • Strengthens muscles 

  • Increase range of movement, flexibility

  • Improve balance

  • Promotes circulation

  • Relieve stress

  • Increase your sense of overall well-being

Many people come to Pilates to help ease back pain or for rehabilitation following injury but Pilates can also be complementary to other activities or sports training. Many athletes include Pilates as part of a balanced workout. 


In summary Pilates will help you to keep doing what you love doing for longer! 

Pilates Matwork

Matwork Pilates are performed on a mat. Most of the classes I teach are at an open level so suitable to most healthy, injury free people. I like to encourage a dynamic flow during the class but will always give alternatives and encourage you to stay at a level suitable to your current fitness level. I often use a variety of smaller equipment like Foam rollers, elastic bands, weights, toning circle, balls etc to vary and challenge the workouts.

Pilates equipment

Exercises are done on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Ladder barrel. Sessions are tailored to individual requirements.

Prenatal Pilates

These classes are suitable to prenatal woman. The classes are a combination of Pilates and Meditation. You must be at least 16 weeks pregnant. (For postnatal clients you are welcome to join sessions if you've had your 6 week check following a normal delivery or 12 weeks following a C-Section.)

I have an Ofqual Level 3 Certificate in Designing Pre- and post-natal Pilates programmes. 

Over 60 Pilates

A matwork based class that focus on improving joint mobility, core strength, balance, co-ordination and posture. In addition we also focus on  exercises that promote bone health. 

Pilates for athletes

My areas of expertise are Pilates for Golfers, Runners, Hikers and Cyclists. 

Pilates for Pre- and rehabilitation

These sessions are on a one to one basis, I often work alongside medical professionals ie GPs, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist and design an exercise programme specific to your recovery.


I have experience with Lower Back Pain, knee rehabilitation, pre-and post operation hip replacement rehabilitation, neck and shoulder pain. I'm passionate about assisting people with Ankylosing Spondylitis as I myself was diagnosed with this many years ago.