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Why meditate

''You are not are experiencing stress. 

You are not are experiencing anxiety.

You are not are experiencing fear.

You can regocnise the fact that you are not your emotions and simply accept the experience of that emotions and move right through it.'' Mike Basevic

Meditation gently invites you to note sensation and emotion. To recognise them for what they are, just thoughts, emotions and feelings. Meditation can help you to change your relationship with feelings. This empowers you to move through difficult situations.

The science

There is a lot of research available that backs up the positive influence of meditation. Neuroscientists have proven that meditation not only changes the brain activity but  the structure of the brain itself can change in a process known as neuroplasticity. In the same way we can train and exercise the body to make muscles stronger, training the mind with meditation can make the area of the brain associated with happiness and wellbeing stronger. 

Benefits of meditation

Induce deep relaxation throughout the body and mind

Reduce stress

Overcome insomnia

Improve relationships

 Can assist in resolving trauma

Overcome anxiety, fear, anger and depression

Groups and Co-meditation

I offer group and co-meditation sessions.

Groups sessions are typically a guided session where we follow a script that has body sensing, breath and awareness at the heart of the practise. You will be invited to be with what you are experiencing. To observe, feel and sense things as they are for you. It is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience.

 Co-meditation is a private session between the two of us, a meditative self enquiry. During the session I will prompt you to enable a deep inquiry. You may face hidden emotions and then step back to observe them from a place of deep, resolute awareness.  The session offers presence and space for your own experience. I will simply act as a mirror to your experience. You are in control of the session. 

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