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My name is Anneke, thank you for visiting my website. 

I like to describe myself as a movement teacher and adventure seeker. I love to move, discover and explore (key words for the classes I teach too!) I'm passionate about travelling.

I've always been active but then hit a point in my early 30's when I suffered from severe back pain. It took years and many appointments, misdiagnosis and medication I didn't need, to finally discover what I really needed was movement, good nutrition and a more balanced lifestyle. That was that. Now in my 40's I'm stronger and healthier than ever before. I have a passion for hiking, mountain hiking specifically...the higher the better. Mountains appear still and strong and can look pretty intimidating from the bottom but they've taught me a few things. The most important lesson is relevant to movement and meditation - you can move through almost anything. No matter how impossible it appears, with small steps, deep breath, a calm mind and an open heart the view from the top is yours to behold.


I'm a partly qualified Accountant, have diplomas in Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Creative writing and Project Management. I've worked as an Accountant for many years and then switched to something more creative and worked as a Marketing and Events Manager for many years. I love to learn new skills!


I've been practising Pilates and Yoga since 2004. Not content with a desk job and with a passion to help people move better, and as a result live better, I decided to train to be a Pilates teacher in 2009. I'm a fully Comprehensive Pilates teacher, currently working towards my Level 4 qualification (highest in the industry). I am also a Buff Bones instructor and a Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner.


I believe it's really important as a movement teacher to stay on top of the latest research and to continue training. I frequently attend training and workshops across the world and have been influenced by some truly inspirational movement teachers. Below are some of the main areas I'm qualified to teach.

Pilates Matwork

Beginner to Advance level. I like to encourage a dynamic flow during the class. 

Pilates equipment

All small and larger Pilates equipment at all levels. This includes the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Ladder barrel. Sessions are tailored to individual requirements.

Pre- and post natal Pilates

I have an Ofqual Level 3 Certificate in Designing Pre- and post-natal Pilates programmes. I've taught pre-and post natal clients for many years and find it hugely rewarding. The classes are a combination of Pilates and Meditation.

Pilates for athletes

My areas of expertise are Pilates for Golfers, Runners, Hikers and Cyclists. 


I'm on a constant path of discovery with meditation. I'm a teacher in training with the Integrative Restoration Institute. As with Pilates I've been influenced by many teachers and teachings. I've also experienced the benefits of cognitive behaviour therapy. I aim to share much of what I've learned during the meditation sessions I lead.

Training courses and workshops
Some of the inspirational organisations I've trained with.